About Us

I am Paula Stewart founder of the polling app that helps shoppers decide SelfieMark, a latina woman in Tech and proud mom of two little girls.
I love skincare products but I never found a brand or a routine to stick to. Many products in beauty use harsh chemical and they don't help the environment so I knew I had to do something to help women like me with their needs of better skin that will not break the bank.  

I found a great opportunity and founded SelfieMark Beauty so we can fit your needs of great skin at ANY age. Our products are made in USA, 100% Vegan, very gentle easy to use and you will get addicted! my family and friends did when they tried them and you will too because you will start seeing some changes after you use our wonderful products.

Try it today and help women owned businesses who care about real women, the animals and the environment.

We also sell to stores and spas so please contact us to send you a quote.


Paula Stewart